Fashion Designer

Stamatia Barlama

about ayios

ayios meaning blessed adored. This variety of clothes is glorified as it embodies a journey through light, faith and universal love.
The ayios symbol is a halo ring (from Greek halōs), the circle of light that surrounds a luminous body created by refraction through ice crystals in the atmosphere.
Light, fashion and art are connected to create this collection of exceptional clothes.
All quotes written on clothes are inspired from the Bible and they are real detachments of Apostles. It is all about faith and love.

about atelier

It is situated at the centre of Piraeus, district of Piraeus port, where Stamatia’s family owns a neoclassical recently renovated beautiful space. Clients can come and see the entire collection and model the garments over a drink.

about stamatia

Dedicated and creative holding a Master of Degree of Civil Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens, Stamatia Barlama has actively involved in the construction of several projects almost a decade. At the age of 35, she decided to create her own company of clothes.
Her vision is to blend her artistic talents, her love for fashion with the passion of work. She paints jackets and t-shirts and designs the collection in pursuit of individuality and uniqueness. Reflecting on distinguished and refined style, combining art with fashion, Stamatia creates one of a kind items paying attention to each detail just for you.

Creative Director

Stamatia Barlama


144 Kountouriotou str. 18535, Piraeus, Greece

T: +30.2104117919
M: +30.6947121902